Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jamiacan me crazy

This is a cute color  friend got me a few days ago. Jamaican me crazy from Essie. I love it. Its a nice shimmery magenta color. Its a nice dark pink with some blue undertones, and its so shiny. Its really cute a got quite a few complements on it.

Plus the formulas not too sheer which is a plus. And this pink has the perfect amount of fine shimmer.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This is just a quick nail look i came up with i wanted to try something a little different, and attempt to add some texture to my nail look. It didnt really take that long its not quite what i wanted but i think its still kinda cool and i did get a few complements at work.
I used Sand tropez by essie as the base and used Spicy by nika k,  black from klean colors, and a hint of live by la colors. I just basically layered the colors on top of each other and added some random rough dots i guess i would call it. To finish it off i just added a clear top coat.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Jungle fever

Just a cute creme finished dark green/blue color. Its like a darker teal. I have to say im so glad i found this color I got it for less than a dollar, and I love the color and finish. The formulas not too thin and the color is opaque in two coats. Its a nice dark color so its great for fall into winter.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

mini halloween haul

Just got a few colors after looking around ill probably try to think of a look or use them in something

Crystal clear by NK nail enamel just a clear coat
 White by KleanColor its a nice cream white but the formula is too thin for my liking in the picture i used two coats of it.
 Spicy By NK nail enamel its a normal red color with a cream finish. I'm really picky when it comes to red polish so I'm glad i found one i liked finally for some reason I don't like reds with shimmer in them unless its full on red glitter.
Klean colors black was a nice find because its just that...black its a cream finish and it was very opaque i really liked this one and it was inexpensive.
Klean colors Garnet Red was a bit of a let down. I thought the color would be a darker almost black from the bottle. But when i did swatches it the polish was so thin, and when you look close enough it had some very small bits of shimmer... its not too bad tho i think i need to do more then two coats to get the desired color out of this one and the shimmer isn't so bad that it scared me away now that I'm wearing it the color has grown on me...just not enough to buy it again.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


This is a very nice dark gold olive color, its a little sheer for my taste and takes about three coats to become more opaque. Its from the LA Colors color craze line so its relatively inexpensive. I really like the color and its great for fall it reminds me of October. The application for it is smooth tho for a more glittery color and has some really pretty gold and almost olive hue to the shimmer.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Timbleberry is an adorable find from sinful colors for about $2. This is such a bright neon orange color. When i first bought it it looked a little pink, but i think it was just the lighting. Its just a really fun neon color thats perfect for summer. Its more of a dark red orange without too many "brick" tones in it and the colors a little sheer for my taste, but it takes about two or three coats to be opaque.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kiss me here

Just a nice grey color I found I havnt tried this brand before so I was really looking forward to it. The polishes consistancy isnt bad, although to me it seems a little thin. The color is a creme gray that dries to a nice finish. The camera unfortunately dosnt do this pretty color justice and its not this dark in normal light.

The color dosnt have a purple hue that some of the creme grey colors that have been turning up. Instead in seems to have a more green under tone. Ive been into the creme colors and the muddier colors the past couple of weeks so I really like this find.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Be an Artist

Quick Nail Look I had done for St. Patricks day

 The other week I came across a sale on the L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art lacquers, I already had a nice sunflower yellow color and a rich forest green so i grabbed what colors they had left.  The colors are so bad I just wish hey had a little more selection but hey it was a sale. The colors could be more opaque but they price norammly is not bad and wont kill you if your on a budget like me. The brushes are nice and long and good if your are you starting out and want to test out a few designs.

Sometimes i feel like thier a little too thick and hard to work with and the polish its self a little too thin for my liking but Im still happy when i use them. I do like them for when i make my nail tips a different color.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hard candy- Beetle

one coat

I found this color and had to have it! Its a nice gold, copper, shimmery glitter polish from hard candy. Its almost holographic. Its too bad you can only get hard candy polishes at walmart cause I dont go there too often and they had some other colors id love to try.

two coats

The color its self reminded me of space cadet by orly. But thats why I got it (and it came with a cute ring). Its just really pretty and has a nice application I find the polish a little thin but it still has nice coverage and it looked pretty with one coat. Although I opted for two to try to get the full effect. The shimmer is very fine and is mostly a copper with gold, but it does have some greenish and purple too it. The camera makes the color look more purple instead of copper. Over all Im very happy with this color. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Painting your nails....

I was bored and took my acrylic paint out and started to mess around and paint a few pictures....

Unfortunately for my cotton candy manicure Im a really messy painter. Well it looks kinda cool so Im just going to put a top coat over the whole mess and call it a day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Black and Blue

NYC's Skin Tight Denim Creme and unknown brand on the tips

Just did this quick subtle look with a creme black as a base and a slanted navy tip with a lighter shimmery blue towards the edge of the nail. The two blues add a  touch of color to the black, I wanted to   switch it up and add some more color to my nails so this was the end result.

Nicka K. cosmetics NK enamel in Nior

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

lacy lilac

This color makes me think of spring and warm weather. I found this color and decided to buy it since it just caught my eye. I do like it. Its a very nice cream based formula (which I happen to love) and goes on effortlessly.

The lighter lilac/ purple colors are very trendy for spring, but who cares if you like it go for it. Its a sally hansen Xtreme wear nail color. I do like that collection because I have trouble with chipping, and I find that it dosnt take too long to dry which is nice cause Im normally late and in a rush.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Metro Chic

I really like this color Ive had it for awhile and just bought myself another bottle. I love the color, its that murky grey brown hue thats been style for the past few seasons. It coasts about $9.50 at Sephora, and is for the Sephora by OPI collection.

I like that the application is very creamy and isnt too thin (although the formula could be more opaque in my opinion) and goes on allright. I do like the purple undertone to this cool smokey color. Over Im really happy with this color.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Polish Trends for 2011

Spring promises changes, new beginnings and warmer weather. Of course it also means new polishes colors will be put on the forefront and flaunted. Typically in spring there are tons of sheer polishes, pretty pinks, and of course pastels. The Warmer the weather the brighter the seasons colors.
Naked from Deborah Lippman

Going Naked, Eh? From Sephora by OPI
Orly's First Kiss

Nudes Look simple and chic with this cool color trend. These neutral shades are still popular and perfect for french manicures or when you dont want your nails too loud, while still looking natural and clean. Try Priscilla by Zoya and Pile by Rescue Beauty
Violet Diva From Estee Lauder

Malia By Zoya

Shape of My Heart from Deborah Lippmann

Lilacs This winter was not too big on purple so Im glad its coming back more into style. Matte and cream shades are in and keep the nails shorter with this look so it dosnt loo too over the top. Think sweet and delicate shades Purple Mix by Dior, Nice is Nice from the Essie 2011 Spring collection and Purple Mix from Dior Vernis
Gris Montaigne by Dior Vernis
Lady Muck from Butter London

Grays usually this time of year we see pastels and lighter color palettes and lighter brighter schemes come into play. Well this season the trend of grey tones in polish continues which is good for me because of I love them. Cream bases will go with anything but you can always have fun with shimmery shades. Tuxedo Grey by Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Long Lasting Nail Lacquer Gris MontaignePerfecto By Dior Vernis and Wild Storm by Estee Lauder and Dracula Orchid by Pritinyc
Secret Perriwinkle By China Glaze
Butter London's Artful Dodger 
Crown of Thorns from PritiNYC

Pale Blues When I think of spring I think of plants starting to grow and baby birds chirping. Robins egg and pale blue (think tiffanys box's). Lighter and brighter blues will look nice in neat with cream bases or these shades do look nice with some glitter or shimmer. So go and show off your baby blues! Glitter in The Air By Deborah Lippmann, Artful Dodger by 3 free from Butter London, and Baltic Blue from Le Métier de Beauté Nail Lacquer
Pink Boa by Dior Vernis

Priti nyc's Orange Glow

Pink Slip from Orly

Peachy Pinks Add a punch of color to your nails and say good bye to darker more wintery shades. Think flowers and fruit. Shimmery and sheer is a good finish for these colors over natural nails or try creamy opaque colors look chic. They still can look really chic and natural but add a little color. Try Jaffa and Pink Ribbon by Butter London 3 free Starfish-Patrick By Rescue Beauty Lounge, and orgasm and Pussy Galore by Nars

Zoya's Jules

The Full Monty from Butter London

Deborah Lippmann's Boom Boom Pow

Golds Try using a super rich looking shimmer or frost shade to look elegant. Im not really a huge fan of gold especially when it looks to heavy or too much like chirstmas. But if done right it can look super cool for warmer weather. More delicate lighter hues can be better with a shimmer or frost finish look. For this trend remember think fine, not chunky glitter. Go for Desperado By Nars' spring 2011 and The Full Monty from 3 free by Butter london