Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hard candy- Beetle

one coat

I found this color and had to have it! Its a nice gold, copper, shimmery glitter polish from hard candy. Its almost holographic. Its too bad you can only get hard candy polishes at walmart cause I dont go there too often and they had some other colors id love to try.

two coats

The color its self reminded me of space cadet by orly. But thats why I got it (and it came with a cute ring). Its just really pretty and has a nice application I find the polish a little thin but it still has nice coverage and it looked pretty with one coat. Although I opted for two to try to get the full effect. The shimmer is very fine and is mostly a copper with gold, but it does have some greenish and purple too it. The camera makes the color look more purple instead of copper. Over all Im very happy with this color. 

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  1. Ooooo you are right, it reminds me of Space Cadet also ^_^