Friday, May 20, 2011

Be an Artist

Quick Nail Look I had done for St. Patricks day

 The other week I came across a sale on the L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art lacquers, I already had a nice sunflower yellow color and a rich forest green so i grabbed what colors they had left.  The colors are so bad I just wish hey had a little more selection but hey it was a sale. The colors could be more opaque but they price norammly is not bad and wont kill you if your on a budget like me. The brushes are nice and long and good if your are you starting out and want to test out a few designs.

Sometimes i feel like thier a little too thick and hard to work with and the polish its self a little too thin for my liking but Im still happy when i use them. I do like them for when i make my nail tips a different color.

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