Monday, January 31, 2011

Januray Favorites

This January Ive had quite a few favorites...Here are a few colors I just kept wearing and flat out loved through out the month. Lately Ive really into greens, sparkles, and Glitter. This first color is from bsn i got it for like a dollar so its cute and not very expensive, Ive kept using it over other colors. Its also not bad by its self.
Jock Glitter by BSN
Moonstruck by Confetti

NK's Mosaic Blue By Nicka Cosmectics

33-B Ivy By BSN

Nuclear Energy By LA Colors

From the LA Colors Color Craze Metallic Colection

E.L.F.'s Mod Mauve

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Polish Trends for 2011

Just cause its cold outside dosn't mean your style cant be hot! This Winter 2010-11 you cant go wrong with dark colors. The darker the better, anything thats almost black as night is in. Think super dark blues, reds, greys, and plum colors. Matte colors are still in and if you want just go for a jet black color in been in for the past few seasons and is here to stay. Black Onyx by OPI is a super popular, and Laque Brilliance Extreme. Try Estee Lauder Wild Storm for a cool charcoal grey color

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brittle Nails? Well no more....

Over time Ive noticed my nails get thinner and more brittle. I used to be able to grow out my nails quite a bit. Now its get harder for me because they break. So I was looking for some hopefully quick treatment for this because I miss my long nails and want to keep growing them out. So I went and picked up some Sally Hansen, Thicken Up!
Me using Thicken up!

The directions are easy enough put on one or two coats on bare nails and add a new coat every 3 or 4 days, and remove after a week. So far Ive been using it for three days and I don't notice too much of a difference. Although new nails do feel a bit stronger like when you use a calcium shield on them. I haven't noticed them get thicker. The website says that "nourishes, hydrates and protects thin, weak, brittle nails....Shields nails with layers and layers of ultra-dense nail protection." So far i have no complaints and the product seems to be working. I did use it as a base coat and I really like it, Ive had no chips so far.