Monday, January 31, 2011

Januray Favorites

This January Ive had quite a few favorites...Here are a few colors I just kept wearing and flat out loved through out the month. Lately Ive really into greens, sparkles, and Glitter. This first color is from bsn i got it for like a dollar so its cute and not very expensive, Ive kept using it over other colors. Its also not bad by its self.
Jock Glitter by BSN
Moonstruck by Confetti

NK's Mosaic Blue By Nicka Cosmectics

33-B Ivy By BSN

Nuclear Energy By LA Colors

From the LA Colors Color Craze Metallic Colection

E.L.F.'s Mod Mauve


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I like the dark green nail polish! :)

  2. Nice polishes! I tried Mod Mauve too but I'm seriously hating that colour right now..! It just doesn't fit my skintone i think! :)