Monday, January 10, 2011

Brittle Nails? Well no more....

Over time Ive noticed my nails get thinner and more brittle. I used to be able to grow out my nails quite a bit. Now its get harder for me because they break. So I was looking for some hopefully quick treatment for this because I miss my long nails and want to keep growing them out. So I went and picked up some Sally Hansen, Thicken Up!
Me using Thicken up!

The directions are easy enough put on one or two coats on bare nails and add a new coat every 3 or 4 days, and remove after a week. So far Ive been using it for three days and I don't notice too much of a difference. Although new nails do feel a bit stronger like when you use a calcium shield on them. I haven't noticed them get thicker. The website says that "nourishes, hydrates and protects thin, weak, brittle nails....Shields nails with layers and layers of ultra-dense nail protection." So far i have no complaints and the product seems to be working. I did use it as a base coat and I really like it, Ive had no chips so far.

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