Monday, February 7, 2011

Plaid valentines nails

Have a cute simple nail look this valentines day, that will still having people looking.  You'll be seeing tons of pink and red on feb 14th so some blue nice light blue will complement the pretty pinks. You can use this look for any time of year and change up the color a bit its not hard and is really cute with out too much effort.

1)Use a base coat to keep the polish from chipping and have it last longer
2)Put on two coats of your base color I used Havana Dreams from Sephora by OPI

3) Add thick even lines from a darker pink color going diagonally across your nail make sure its mostly even and that you will have enough room to add some color and more stripes next to it later ans wait until it dries completely.

4) Add white stripes next too or over the pink color again it does not have to be perfect if you have one use a nail art brush for striping and designs this will give you more control over the thickness and how neat your design comes out.

5) Use the pink again and add more stripes going in the same direction, wait a few minutes till they dry.

6) add thin white stripes going against the other stripes to make a plaid look if you make you can replace onw or two of the white stripes with a light pink.
 7) the part is optional but super cute and goes with the valentines day theme I was trying to go for I just wrote LOVE on my four fingers but i did replace the O with a heart. I also went over the lettering and outlines with a plum color because the camera didnt pic up the glittery magenta color i used.
I used :
Base: Sally Hansen Thicken up!
Base Color: Havana Dream from Sephora by OPI
Pink Stripes: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Fuchsia bling bling
White stripes: Elf's white
Letters: LA Colors Power outage, and Jordana's Hypnotizing        

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