Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Barbie Pink

Pink is always in,  you can wear it all year round. Hot pinks will be in and pinks of all shades will be in. (not that they ever completely go out of style) Hot pink and bubble gum hues scream fun and feminine.
pink forever by sinful colors
 Pretty pastle's are cute for spring lighter shades like this will help usher in the warmer months use a more   
 creamier color to help your nails pop and stand out. Try Rich and Famous by China Glaze for another sweet lighter pink shade that will look darling on your digits or Orlys pink slip.
NK polish by Nicka K in Cotton Candy

Hot pink will be in for the summer. Super bright neon shades will help your nails stand out. With neon and bubble gum pink shades the more creamy formulas (although a little frost never hurt) with a shorter manicure to keep  your nails looking neat. Watermelon Watercolor by FingerPaints is a cute bolder magenta color also try Orlys Butterfly

Wild Shine by Wet n Wild in Sparked over pink forever by sinful colors
Who dosnt love glitter? Its a cute way to add a little extra pop to your nails and its super cool. Not to mention you can still add a bit of pink to your other colors effortlessly. Try Eyeko's chi chi polish, and klean colors pinky moon and mixed signal if your looking for more girly glitters

Some other cute pink shades you can try out barbie pink by zoyaParty Pink by Savvy, and Ice pink a nice frosted light pink color by savvy.


  1. The 1st pink one is totally cute, love it!

  2. Cotton Candy looks great on you! Bright and cheerful. :)